Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crazy Cousins


Having lot's of fun with the cousins: Thomas and David have been building K'Nex, Magnetix, and Legos. Tyra and Ewelina have been reading together, doing crafts, and generally chatting and whispering 24/7. Lillian and Isaac have been running around together, hiding out in a bedroom playing "baby alert" and having lots of discussions that make the grown-ups stay up all night quoting them. Elizabeth and Seth look so cute looking at each other eye to eye, and take turns grabbing each other's toys.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Pawliks are here!!

Hurray! They're here, safe and sound! KC and Emily came by to babysit (at the drop of a hat, no hesitation, these people are awesome!) So Tyra and I could go wait for Lisa, Ewelina, and David at the Dulles Airport. We hardly waited 5-10 minutes and they were there!! What beautiful people, all three! I can't stop typing in exclamation points, but it is so very nice to see them again. Lisa didn't look a speck pregnant (she was wearing a puffy coat) and David had a cute hair cut, and Evie had new glasses. And none of them looked or acted like they'd just been travelling for 19-20 hours . Evie and Tyra were giggling together in the back seat right off the bat. David was sweetly going between the moms in front and girls in back. I was so excited to be talking to Lisa that I went 74 miles per hour and got us pulled over. The road out there is so long and perfectly straight I guess I didn't notice that I was going just as fast as everyone around me :) Anyway, we were stopped so close to the 495 off ramp that I missed it in getting up to--but not over--speed and we ended up in downtown DC. Right at the monuments and tidal basin. Good thing for cell phones and someone at home with google maps. We finally made it home in time for the cousins to all say "hi." Hopefully everyone will stay well and we'll be ready to welcome Grampa Lee and Pam, Anne, Isaac, and Seth tomorrow evening. Woo hoo! I'll be posting plenty of pics in the next 3 weeks, I'm sure.