Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thomas' great end to a soccer season

Back in August when Thomas was saying "I WON'T play. I want to go HOME!" I knew it was important to steadily encourage him and make it as easy as possible for him. The first day I followed him back home then dragged him back over on condition that he only needed to watch. So he did, uninterested. A few days later I made T n T practice some dribbling and kicking, Thomas hating it all the while. The next practice I volunteered to help the coach as he was trying to get 2 smaller groups to practice certain skills. I was amazed Thomas stuck with it, mostly while I was there. With just one more afternoon practicing with Tyra and me Thomas has decided he likes soccer and he has "never looked back". Today was the last day, the tournament. Thomas' coach likes to put him on defense and says he has a sure foot and a strong kick. I'm just thrilled that he enjoys it so much.
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