Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

This year may have been our first spring break when we actually went away to vacation as a family. With all his work traveling Tom has become a Marriott rewards member and he got a call last year sometime inviting us to stay in one of their vacation ownership resorts for free if we would just listen to the 2 hour presentation about said resorts (time-shares.) He said sure and at some point we decided to do Orlando in spring. We didn't know them how incredibly swamped Tom would be, trying to finish up his dissertation for the spring graduation. Leading up to March 9 Tom was spending very VERY long days at work (getting home between 9 and 10) so we the rest of the family were SO glad for the chance this preplanned vacation was giving us to see Tom.

To start things off, Thomas threw up all night the Thursday before we were supposed to go. He recovered on the BRAT diet the next day and all was well as we started driving south on Sunday. Then in the hotel we stopped at in Savannah, Tom was sick all night freezing under a mountain of blankets. He recovered on the rest of our drive to Orlando. I took the kids swimming in the nifty beach pool while Tom slept. Then Lily was sick. The next day she recovered while we drove around in a little 4-person-pedaling car-thingy (I'm pretty sure that's what they're called, anyway!) The timeshare property was the perfect place to vacation for sick people, because just being in the 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a little (fake) island was "fun" enough. We still kept talking to my brother Ben who works for Disney about possibly getting Disneyworld tickets, but when Thomas vomitted that night we decided it was a good thing we hadn't bought our tickets in advance I we had meant to. Next day was Tyra's turn to be sick and she hung on longer, losing it at various places around the resort. But I will say, she still managed to do some great paddling on the paddle boats. Miniature golf was probably the only outing where everyone was just not having fun by the end. Good part, of course was just going back to the room and letting the kids play in the big hot tub while Tyra slept.

Maybe it's just because I never got sick, but I think that we had a surprisingly good time, all things considered. The best part was that we got to stop by and see cousin Cora on our way home, but's that's food for another post...