Thursday, July 16, 2009

Techno Fun

This is an experimental post. I am curious to see how this web app functions. In theory, you click on it and it connects your phone and my phone for a free call. If we aren't here, you get sent to my voicemail, and I can in theory read a transcription of your message online. Please try it out and let us know how it works.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Five Fun-Filled weeks of Family & Friends

week 1: Huntington Beach House with the DraperFam. Running on the beach in the early morning with the man of my dreams. Crowning event: Mike and Teri getting married in San Diego temple, with a beautifully decorated backyard reception in Fountain Valley.

week 2: Stay at Dad & Pam's, then on to Anne & Matt's. Eat full Korean dinner made by Anne. See Jon with Sam and Amanda at Cal Sci. Ctr. Meet Bella and see Micah & Heather's home. Kyla's birthday party, Tom's graduation party at Ron & Annie's, sleep over.

week 3: Drive up to Utah, see Trisha in passing, stay at GrammaLee's for many nights. Go to Jim Packer's funeral in SLC. Dinner with the Lambert's. Attend Mike & Teri's reception in Provo. Draper Family Reunion. Double date with Glen & Chele. Stay at Grandma Linda & Grandpa Tom's. Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House.

week 4: Drive to Mileses. Chat and chat while kids play and play. Tom and Thomas go to Davidson Institute for Talent Development Summit in Reno for weekend.

week 5: Drive to Anne & Matt's. Lisa comes, go to Mollie's San Clemente condo. Tom hikes Mt. Baldy w/ Matt. Bridal shower for Heather. Meeting and holding William Lee for the first--and second-- time. Lily and me to the Napa Rose rehearsal dinner. Everyone at the Wayfarer's Chapel for the wedding and the Trump National Golf Club for the reception, wherein there is much dancing and eating.

Total of 11 transfers, 8 different beds (9 for Tom and Thomas, going to Reno) and it all was so wonderful, we love, love, loved it!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Poetic License

I wish to award my daughter the title of poet. She wrote the following poem while we were driving by the factories of Western Utah in the salt flats. If you want to read more of her poems, visit her blog at

Beautiful Earth

Fact'ries torment the Earth,
While clouding the Sun in the sky.
Burning long-dead animals
For their deathly fuels.
Humans claim to conquer the Earth,
While she tries bravely
To keep from collapsing,
Under the weight of
Human hands.
We rip up the mountains,
The oceans,
Our land, her land, God's land.

Now we are dying, yet still overwhelming
Our poor little Earth.
Trash in air,
Trash in water,
Trash in land, trash on land.
People feel guilty for
Deathly polluting
Our beautiful planet.
The only one with life,
The only one we know of,
Beautiful Earth.
Gasping for clean air,
Beautiful Earth.
Thirsty for clean water,
Beautiful Earth.
Can't find a clean place to sit,
Beautiful Earth.

© 2009 Tyra Draper