Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tyra's [first] Winter Concert

Tyra had her first concert in January. She started playing the flute in the middle of September. Most schools in our area don't start playing instruments until 5th grade, but ours is a music and technology magnet so the kids get to start a year earlier. It's always so amazing to me to see my kids learning new things, especially when I'm not the one teaching them. It feels like magic! I have absolutely loved listening to Tyra practice while I'm making dinner.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lisa Lee Pawlik comes with kids

My sister Lisa (younger by 4 years) came to America for the last half of January. We got to see them as they arrived then again as they left (they went to Utah and California in between.) The most exciting part was getting to see our new nephew and cousin, Aaron Levi. He was so sweet with us all! He reminded me of my Grandpa often when he would do a little half-smile like he was sort of indulging me in my antics trying to get him to smile and laugh. He's like a wise little man. I loved that he would actually come to me and snuggle into my shoulder. The kids loved him too, especially Elizabeth.
Grandma Lee had taught Tyra to knit and then taught Evie when she was out in Utah, so the cousins thought they were quite stylin' in their matching knit shrugs. Lily and Beth were delighted to have David and Evie to themselves when TnT went to school, and they followed them around all day long.
As for seeing Lisa again, well, it's always bitter-sweet, since I end up spending too many thoughts on the "what if..." imagining her living nearby. I am so jealous of people who live close to family. Ever since our first gathering as sisters with kids I've dreamed of living on the same block as Anne and Lisa. Sure, we would probably bug each other and end up hurting each others' feelings, but we'd also laugh together, play together, talk endlessly, and help and support each other. Good thing for the phone, as it is.
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