Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thomas Rocks the House

So GramaLee bought Rockband (Lego and Beatles) for us last Christmas. Thomas was soon playing every song on the expert level on the drums. And then he started taking all the toy drums, buckets, and anything else that could reverberate into his room to set up his own personal drum kit. Finally Tom looked around for a drum teacher so Thomas could both go up and down a level by learning how to drum properly. He is a stickler for form and all the things you can't really learn by yourself. Thomas seems to like it enough to go back to hitting "8 rights and 8 lefts" to just get the sticks to bounce back the right height.
We found a drum set on craigslist that really appealed to Thomas for the variety of drums and cymbals, and I took this video right after we did our best to assemble it in the wine cellar. Which I now realize has duct work that goes right up to the dining room...