Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retro Boy

For a second, I thought I was back in the 80s. Familiar beeping and blooping. It wasn't my old arcade or Nintendo. It was my boy.

If that got you in the mood play now!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The world through the eyes of Beth

Now that I finally finished my dissertation, the world I have denied is coming back. One of my first goals was to restart the Parent/Child dating night, where Su or I take one of the children out do to what they are interested in. I sat down with each child to discuss what their goals and interests were starting with the oldest. I almost decided to skip Beth since I wasn't so sure that she would have any opinion. Boy was I wrong.

Dad: So Beth, what is something you really want to do?
Beth: I want to throw meat to a lion.
Dad: Did you say "throw meat to a lion"?
Beth: Yes. I want to throw meat to a lion.
Dad: Hmmm. Maybe we can arrange .... that. Anything else?
Beth: I want Jesus to help me to go to sleep.
Dad: In person?
Beth: Yes.
Dad: Well, we talk to him in our prayers and I know he is watching over you while you sleep.
Beth: Yeah.
Dad: These are both quite difficult, but we will see what we can do. Any other ideas?
Beth: Ummm. I want to be healthy, do ballet, do hair ties and build a house out of bricks.
Dad: A real house?
Beth: Yeah.
Dad: Okay. This is good. We should all work on being healthy and we can definitely look into ballet. I'm not sure what doing hair ties is, but I know mom or Angela would love to do that with you. I'll look into the brick thing.
Beth: I love you dad.
Dad: I love you Beth.

Yes, the DOCTOR is in!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend at Rob and Ang's in NC

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Built Like an Amazon

That is, I wish I were. I've always gathered from general reading that the Amazons were big tough women warriors from the Amazon region (Brazil), real or fictionalized I didn't know. A quick wikipedia search shows I was only partly right, as they were not really from Brazil in any of the references. But today I would've been happy to be built like an Amazon (warrior) or a woman from the mouth of the Amazon River: namely my first companion and trainer, the mighty Sister Cavalcante. She was about 4'10" maybe. Sweet dimpled cheeks, never-ending patience, and podorosa (powerful) in 2 important ways 1) she could invite the spirit and invite an investigator to be baptized most powerfully and 2) she could make short work of the heavy, awkward towels, bedding, and clothing that we washed by hand each p-day. Every time I find myself ringing out a completely soaked full-sized towel I think of my mission. Today that means I was thinking about my mission a lot.

I went downstairs to start the laundry from our Easter visit to Rob and Ang's house. I was shocked and disappointed to see that the floor was covered in a thin layer of water, eerily similar to the way it would be after spring rains of years past. But last summer we'd had a sump pump installed, at no small cost/inconvenience. So I was upset to see it hadn't worked. Or hadn't it? I could hear a dripping, and following the sound I found that our furnace was leaking water in a steady stream. Finally all is under control, it has been fixed, and all but the carpet is dried.

Now to make chicken noodle soup for my sick man. Laundry will have to wait until later. But hurrah! I told Ang I'd blog first, and I have! Maybe not about Easter yet, but I don't remember saying that specifically...