Monday, July 14, 2008

Fantastic Summer

I've got a couple of catch up posts started but I keep getting so overwhelmed with the billions of things to write about that happened since June 1. So I'll just wait till later and write a quick note saying how much we have all been enjoying our summer in So. Cal. We have not had more than a half-day of down time at home, but it has been a great thing, since we've been visiting family and friends along with doing things like Sea World, the Beach, and Children's museums. My steam is definitely waning, and I feel like I used to feel at midnight by 9pm. But then I can wake up before Tom goes to work and go run in the canyon that's less than a mile away. Even now I'm super tired and want to get in a trip to Sea World before Anne & Co. get here tomorrow around noon. So I'll do pictures later.