Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Lily turns 7

Lily wanted a mermaid party and since her birthday was on the second day of school she shared cupcakes on her birthday at school and invited some of her friends to come in 2 Saturdays to her party. She also got waffles in bed and got to choose a restaurant (with her dad's help.)

The party had no surprise younger siblings or boys, so Lily was able to stay in control of her party and all the games, which was a major goal this year, after her distress last year. She drew and painted a mermaid for pin the flower in the mermaid's hair. She stuffed the pinata, she helped put up all the seaweed streamers, and generally did quite a bit of her own work for her party. The next morning when I asked her how she liked the party I was surprised that she still didn't just give it a resounding 2 thumbs up [sic]. She did have fun, but it appears that Lily has finally grown up from the traditional games she has clung to each year, and finally agrees with me that we might not do a pinata next year, that fewer friends might be more fun, and that some of the games are just too young for her. Do you hear the loud huzzah? But just as I was thinking, great, I won't have to spend so much time on games and decorating and stuff next year, Lily said "I think I like decorating and getting ready for the party more than having the party."
I went on to explain how Grandma Linda used to always help Tyra plan and execute little parties just for the family to enjoy, and maybe that's what Lily would like to do too.
I know this is the time for me to write about how amazing our Lillian is, but I think we say so all the time. She's our can-do girl, always willing to try new things, help in new ways, etc. We are so glad she's a part of our family.


Linda said...

What a marvelous mermaid party for sweet Lily who is now 7! I wish we could have been there, Lil, what a fabulous costume.. This is big birthday season in your family. :) xoxoxoxoxo

Angela Draper said...

What a fun party! And I love Lily's mermaid costume. So cute! I can't wait for Lily to plan a party for all of us :)

Janine said...

A birthday post on another birthday that is not the birthday of the post day... I love it! (But not as much as I love Lily!!!!) The party looks like great fun, and I am so glad that you shared the photos with us. Now for Tyra!

gramalee said...

Thank you so much Su! I feel like I was there! Kiss that lovely little mermaid for me! xo