Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Bye Winter Wonderland

So we came home from Christmas to maybe a foot of snow, and a nice cleared driveway, thanks to our neighbors who cleared it before we got back. That snow never fully melted, and throughout the next 2 months we continued to get a little snow here and a lot of snow there and some freezing rain mixed in. It was beautiful, and I honestly never tired of looking at it. Until it was down to the last bit on the front lawn that is shaded most of the day. I was really excited for that patch to finally melt in a long, heavy, warm rain we had last week. Our last pictures are Lily after playing out in the pouring warmish rain, and then a shot of our front when I was so excited to see that the last snow was finally gone. Yesterday we spent all afternoon with Tom cutting down broken-but-still-attached limbs of trees on 3 corners of our house. When the heaviest snow fell, 2 huge branches fell RIGHT next to the house, not causing any damage, thanks to Heavenly Father. Our neighbors came over with their snowblower and chainsaw and helped Tom clear the way so we could get out of the garage again. But there were other large limbs just dangling, and those have finally been taken care of. So I don't have to worry about one of them falling on someone. Now I just need to worry about Lily, who climbed nearly to the top of one of our huge pine trees yesterday. Not being a big fan of heights, I did not enjoy watching her climb down!


LisAway said...

What cute girls with darling haircuts!! And who cares how those microwave cakes tasted, they look great with the cuties who made them :)

I love that the neighbors shoveled your snow. And that nobody and nothing was damage by the trees. It's got to be a huge pain having so many annoying trees everywhere. Much better to have a microscopic rectangle of earth with almost-grass "growing" on it. Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to make you jealous.

Love you Drapers! I'm going to get serious about figuring out if we can come later this year!

gramalee said...

Wow! White to green before our eyes! Who is that doing the splits (on the ice?)? I'm reminded of the igloos last year. Kids and snow -- what a combo! Let me know when the crocuses appear, then you can gather saffron for those famous Thai recipes! Miss ya'all. xo

Angela Draper said...

Wow! That is quite the winder wonderland. And how nice that you have such great neighbors to help out that way. I love Lily's hot cocoa and how much she loves being outside. I'm sure Ellie would have loved to tromp around with her and probably would have climbed the tree too (her Primary teacher told me she was climbing a tree in her dress during a walk on Sunday, silly girl).

holly b said...

lovely photos! I love bare deciduous trees in the snow. so contrasting and stimulating for the eyes. And I love how expansive the snow is on your large land parcel! and the frozen creek!