Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ringing in the new year 2012

We had 1 of the most exciting new years eve celebrations to date! Our friends the Bagleys invited us to their house along with the Haywoods and the Couillens. Kids partied in the basement with rock band and other games and lots of food, while we enjoyed peace and quiet upstairs with lots of food,  games, and talking.  we had a lot of pot banging as we watched the ball drop on tv and then we had the best new years eve fireworks display I've experienced in a backyard.
Beware, this was the loudest ringing in of the new year I've ever enjoyed!

Happy 2012!!


LisAway said...

The next day, everyone at the party seems to have inexplicably gone deaf!

:) Glad you had a great time! So it looks like there are 8 kids in each family? :)

Angela Draper said...

How fun! We are still a few years away from it being worth keeping our kids up for New Years :) So glad you had fun ringing in 2012!

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